Winter Skin Care Great for Pregnant Mother

Check the list of Pregnant Skin ProblemsPregnancy skin problems.

1. Ugly Stretch Marks
During pregnancy due to the continuous growth of the fetus, abdominal swelling, making the skin over the abdomen done, a lot of skin collagen fibers ultimately be “pulled off” so that the skin to form a special type of scar.

2. Dry and acne-prone
Because the skin affected by the hormone, making the bottom of the lack of moisturizing the skin, along with pregnant women to provide nutrition to the body of the fetus, leading to the phenomenon of pregnant women in their own shortage of water supply, resulting in some pregnant women’s skin becomes particularly rough.

3. Oily Skin
Slow metabolism of pregnant women, a substantial thickening of subcutaneous fat, sweat glands, sebaceous glands to increase, systemic blood circulation increased, facial oil secretion of the situation will increase the strong, the skin becomes extremely greasy, “T”-type area even worse.

4. Skin Itching
About 20% of women during pregnancy, the body will appear in different parts of the skin itching of the situation, resulting in skin problems during pregnancy, about 90% of the city is feeling “itch to no”, therefore, an academic of these symptoms collectively referred to as “pruritus of pregnancy.” As the winter low temperature and humidity is low, the skin secretion of grease and sweat less, the skin tend to become dry, especially at night covered with a blanket, the more easily feel the itch, in such cases commonly known as “winter itch.” If the result of excessive dry skin, cracking, or even may have eczema, so medicine is also known as “lack of fat eczema.”

5. Various Stains
Because the relationship between progesterone, skin losing the soft feel, while the slightly rough, or even very dry, peeling phenomenon occurs in some regions, facial pigmentation also increased.

Skin Moisture
Has stressed again and again, it is because the skin in the winter, moisture most important. You can use the moisturizing lotion to ensure that in dry air, the skin can still smooth and soft. You can also drink plenty of water to deal with dry skin during pregnancy common phenomenon.

If you are airtight office work, while the warm air-conditioning and long opening hours, I suggest you put a humidifier in the office to increase the air humidity; or, in the heating room, with water spray means to increase air humidity . In addition, you can try to draw more time to ventilation in place for the skin to fresh air.

Nutrition, nourish the skin
Your skin can be readily receive adequate nutrition, your skin changes with a great relationship. If your skin is very dry, you can contain higher intake of unsaturated fatty acids, or linolenic acid (vegetable and fish) and food, to improve the dryness of the skin. In general, vitamin C and B6 skin regeneration and reconstruction of two nutrients, so you can add 25-50 mg per day of vitamin B6. Of course, the best a doctor recommended medication during pregnancy. Even vitamins, targeting mother, nor eat the better.

To avoid prolonged UV
Although the winter, the sun is not strong, but the long UV exposure, the skin will continue to cause harm. Anti-sun in the winter is also a required course. In addition, the skin pigmentation during pregnancy was relatively active, you should try to avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. The following winter to avoid the ultraviolet rays of the tips: Avoid the use of any flavor or alcohol component containing skin care products. Because this is not only easy to irritate your sensitive skin, will increase the sensitivity to UV.

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