What to Eat When Pregnant

What to Eat When Pregnant For many women, being pregnant is one of the most wonderful times of their lives. Carrying and then bringing a new life into the world is pretty remarkable. However, in order to give ones unborn baby the very best start in life, eating right and taking care of oneself is extremely important for soon-to-be moms. In this article, we will discuss what women should eat while expecting. Eating a healthy, well-balanced, pregnancy-friendly diet is extremely important. Women who fail to do so are putting both their and their baby’s health at risk.

Proper nutrition is crucial to the development of the baby growing inside a woman’s womb. When a woman does not eat properly, her baby is at risk of being both underdeveloped and underweight.
There are a lot of myths surrounding women and what they should eat while pregnant. One of the most well known and oft shared is that when a woman is pregnant, she is eating for two and should thus double her caloric intake. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is a fact that an increase in calories is necessary, the extra amount of food an expecting mom should eat, shouldn’t be doubled. Instead, an additional 300 calories per day is all that is needed.

A balanced diet is important when pregnant, as is faithfully taking ones prenatal pills. Meals should be colorful, varied and include items from all of the major food groups. In a given day, a woman should consume 6-11 servings of grains and breads, 4 or more servings of vegetables, 2 to 4 fruit servings, 3 protein servings and 4 dairy servings. Fatty foods and sweets should be eaten only occasionally.
Fiber rich foods should be eaten regularly. These include things such as pasta, whole grain bread, fruits, veggies and brown rice. Drinking the right things is important as well. Women that are pregnant should refrain from alcohol. They should instead drink plenty of water and 100% fruit juice.

Iron is one nutrient that a pregnant woman will need to get plenty of. Consuming foods that are rich in iron is the best way to get it. However, a woman’s doctor might prescribe an iron supplement as well. Twenty-seven mgs of iron per day is the recommended dose for pregnant women. Vitamin C is another important nutrient. It can be found in abundance in fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, strawberries and tomatoes. At least .4mg of folic acid should be consumed each day a woman is pregnant in order to decrease the likelihood of her child developing Spina Bifida.

Good nutrition is something that all pregnant women should take seriously. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help increase the chances that the baby growing inside a woman’s womb is developing as it should and as healthy as possible. Women should consult with their doctor concerning which foods need to be avoided or if they have any questions concerning what to eat while pregnant.

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