Top 10 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms: Delayed For The Next Nine Months?

There are many different pregnancy signs and symptoms that merit awareness of expecting mothers. These are physiological signals that manifest naturally to imply that motherhood is already knocking on the door.

Here are top ten pregnancy signs and symptoms that are 100% reliable although validation is readily available using over-the-counter pregnancy test kits or a trip to the OB doctor.

Pregnancy signs and symptoms

Pregnancy Alert #1: Missed Period

Among other pregnancy signs and symptoms, delayed monthly period marks the start of it all. In a monthly basis, the uterus grows blood lining in preparation to nest fertilized egg.

Once no egg has been fertilized, the blood lining in the uterus breaks to flush out extra cell lining. Should there be a fertilized egg to nest onto the healthy uterus, there shall be no outbreak of uterus wall hence menstrual cycle is deferred.

Pregnancy Alert #2: Vaginal Discharge

There might be no bleeding attributed to menstrual cycle but pregnant ladies may experience implantation bleeding. More often than not, spotting happens six to twelve weeks after pregnancy when the egg tries to cling on the uterine wall.

Vaginal discharge may also manifest through the release of milky white blood cells since vaginal wall begins to thicken. Along the process, the pregnant mother might also experience cramping similar to that encountered during menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy Alert #3: Swollen Breasts

To prepare for lactation after child birth, the pregnant mother begins to develop swollen breasts. Enlarged breasts become noticeable while lying on the bed or getting a shower. Mammary glands of pregnant women become fuller and tender which are triggered by hormonal activities.

Common changes also involve darkening of the areola along the process. As one of the most common pregnancy signs and symptoms, breast development may also be accompanied by slight pain on the said area which can be suppressed by placing a hot compress.

Pregnancy Alert #4: Food Craving and Aversions

Food craving and aversions Certain food items may either cause craving or aversion. Pregnant women may develop likeness to specific appetizing delights such as fruits and many other sweet provisions. In the same way, they may develop strong dislike to certain foods especially aromatic ones. These tendencies are stimulated by hormonal changes.

Nonetheless, expectant mothers tend to develop intense appetite hardly satisfied by minimal food servings. To control typical food cravings, intake of some supplements should come in handy.

Pregnancy Alert #5: Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is not exclusive to diabetics. During the stage of pregnancy, women may use the restroom more often than before. Frequent pee breaks are triggered by the pressure caused by the swelling uterus on the bladder.

To simply put it, the uterus tends to squeeze the bladder hence the need for fluid release from time to time. Other than that, pregnant women may also take time in the restroom due to constipation. Increase in hormonal levels often triggers slower digestion pace so bowel movement can be tough.

Pregnancy Alert #6: Weight Gain

Pregnancy weight gain

Attributed to strong appetite, pregnant ladies are likely to accumulate some extra pounds. Common body parts subjected to bulging are the abdomen, arms, and thighs. These changes become noticeable as the mother advances on the latter stages of pregnancy.

Consequently, the body needs more nutrition to sustain the needs of the growing infant in the mother’s womb as pregnancy goes from one stage to another.

Pregnancy Alert #7: Back Pain

As a consequence of weight gain, the body becomes prone to back pain. Since the uterus is enlarged, the body form is altered thereby putting weight on the frontal torso. In effect, the lower back has to pull on the weight to establish balanced posture.

Lack of sufficient sleep brought about by the bulging abdomen can further aggravate lower back pain. Such discomfort may also be triggered by altered alignment of joints and ligaments to facilitate thorough child labor courtesy of pregnancy hormones.

Pregnancy Alert #8: Morning sickness

Another sort of pregnancy signs and symptoms triggering discomfort is morning sickness attributed to food cravings and nausea. Most, if not all cases arise from failure to satisfy certain food cravings.

Morning sickness may also be ascribed to aromatic foods served in the morning such as coffee or tea. The same may also be associated with nausea in the first week of pregnancy. Nausea commonly occurs after getting a cup of coffee early in the morning without having eaten anything else yet. Nevertheless, nausea may occur in the afternoon or in the evening.

Pregnancy Alert #9: Fatigue

Perhaps due to hormonal changes, pregnant ladies are prone to fatigue. Unlike before, the body may not be able to tolerate working all day and all night. That explains why women in most stages of pregnancy are likely to get tired easily. No wonder, they are expected to go to bed early. They might also be found resting on the couch most of the time. Regular naps of 15 to 30 minutes are highly recommended.

Pregnancy Alert #10: Heartburn

Heartburn attacks are common in pregnancy. The condition is attributed to the fact that the intestines work in a slower pace due to hormonal changes. To facilitate digestion, there is a boost in the amount of essential acids utilized in the digestive tract.

Unfortunately, stomach acids may reach the esophagus thereby triggering hot sensation technically coined as heartburn.

These are only ten of the prominent pregnancy signs and symptoms experienced by expectant mothers. If these physiological signals become persistent in the coming days, there is definitely high probability of pregnancy. However, it is advisable to ask for an expert opinion to validate pregnancy or better yet grab a pregnancy test kit.

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