Sports for maternity - Do or Not Do

Maternity Sandboarding GirlAppropriate exercise can help mothers adjust to the needs of pregnancy and childbirth to give birth more easily, more easily. However, improper movement, but may cause irreparable serious consequences. What, what sports can do? Which movement is best not to do?

Pregnancy after the movement is still a very good habit. But how much exercise the right, but every pregnant mother in accordance with the specific physical circumstances. Normal heart and lung function for pregnant mothers, the most important thing is to determine whether bone health. Pregnancy so that endocrine changes, leading to joint ligament laxity, decreased flexibility, combined with fetal need to increase in pregnant women is likely to result in lower bone mineral density, bone mineral density continued to decrease during pregnancy cause pregnant mother suffering from osteomalacia or idiopathic osteoporosis, the harm is slight or careless movement of the bump on the result of fracture.

80%, according to experts on the recent randomized 100 pregnant women showed that the bone mineral density testing: about 80% of pregnant women is low bone mineral, of which more than 43 percent of pregnant women have a serious amount of bone mineral loss. In other words, more than half of the health of pregnant women there is a hidden movement.

Bone mineral density examination

Traditional X-ray absorptiometry, DEXA is not suitable for pregnant women, new detection equipment can reach out a few minutes later, they will have a detailed analysis of bone mineral density. For determining the health status of bone is the best method to help understand the bone status of pregnant mothers, to take timely measures to improve the quality of bone.

If the bone in question must be careful not to severe or a large number of sports, will be very easy to cause fracture. In determining the premise of bone health, the following exercise on the pregnant mother is right:

Run - not a strenuous exercise during pregnancy, so mothers love the sport even further, and do not drive out the competition, not only keen to run the whole body would tense mother will greatly affect the comfort of your baby’s birth . Early pregnancy, over-dramatic to run abortion may also cause accidents.

Weight climbing - sport should be measured. Slowly, not feeling tired in the case of mountain climbing, is very good at her mother, but if too much weight or too far away, so that mothers will feel tired, if the sweat dripping, water had more than wrestling or inadvertently, it may be very dangerous.

Skiing - the temperature is too low, the prospective mother to the lower part of the body burden of heavy tools and ever-changing ski slope, even for ordinary people, accidents are possible, mothers should not try the sport.

Horse riding - riding habits of the animals have to rely on to ensure the safety of horse groom in the absence of circumstances, so that a person riding mother is very risky.

Pregnancy blacklist

Bungee jumping; diving; single parallel bars; the high jump; long; skating; war; basketball; Football

Election campaign

Walking - This is a very suitable for the prospective mother’s campaign. Even before the pregnancy you are a person who does not love sports, then have to walk often. Walking can help digestion, promote blood circulation. In late pregnancy, the fetus can help decrease Walking入盆, relax the pelvic ligaments in preparation for childbirth. Walking in labor before, you can head to the pillow or pillow after the transverse position before rotating into a pillow, and make delivery more smoothly, speed up the progress of labor.

Suggestions: Wear a pair of comfortable shoes, and associate with my father to take a walk, as far as possible, feeling happy and relaxed.

Pregnant women gymnastics - is designed specifically for pregnant women, mothers can carry out the purpose of a planned exercise is conducive to the physical delivery and the restoration of post-natal.

Recommends that: every time the duration of exercise should be limited to not feel hard.

Note: If the original have cervical disease, as some actions are nausea, dizziness, they should immediately stop, and immediately looking for a place to sit down and rest, to prevent collapse.

Swimming - this exercise is also good at the mother, is particularly suited to the original women love to swim. Swimming can be good exercise, the majority of the coordination of the body muscles, increase endurance mothers abroad, pregnant women generally participate in a campaign. Because of the role of buoyancy, swimming the course of few sprained muscles and joints of the phenomenon.

Recommendations: the second trimester is relatively safe for swimming, but water temperature is too low may make the occurrence of muscle cramps.

Most intelligent way of movement:

1. Sitting at his desk or in the car on the activities of the foot and ankle.

2. At home reading a book or watch the television, with activities every 15 minutes about.

3. Sooner or later when brushing abdominal exercise. Brush one side while bending knees, and then straight.

Generally speaking, pregnancy is a normal physiological process, the health of pregnant women, under the circumstances to allow themselves to choose a happy and relaxing activities. However, some pregnant women not suitable for exercise, such as threatened premature labor, vaginal bleeding and, in some cases, doctors do not recommend exercise, mothers have to follow the doctor’s words.

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