Sleep Posture During Pregnancy

Pregnant women sleeping position was the growth and development of the fetus has important implications.

Pregnancy Sleep PoseDuring early pregnancy (1-3 months), development of the fetus in the womb still in its mother’s body inside the pelvic cavity, directly outside their own oppression or repression will not be heavy, so pregnant women are free to sleep position, mainly to take a comfortable position, such as supine position, lateral position may be. Such as sleeping face down, or arms around things such as bad sleep sleeping position should be changed.

Pregnancy medium-term (4-7 months), this period should be attention to the protection of the abdomen and avoid the direct effect of external forces. If too much amniotic fluid of pregnant women or twin pregnancy, it is necessary to take the lateral position sleeping position, which will allow pregnant women more comfortable, sleeping position will have other symptoms of oppression. If the pregnant women of lower limbs feel heavy and can be taken in supine position, with soft pillows to raise slightly lower extremities.

When pregnant women in supine position, the uterus can increase the oppression of the abdominal aorta before the spine, resulting in reduced placental blood perfusion to occur because of fetal hypoxia, ischemia caused by a variety of diseases. Hair such as intrauterine growth retardation, fetal distress, severe punishment may also cause stillbirth. Pregnant women, because the abdominal aortic pressure, blood volume and cardiac output both decreased, while maternal blood supply to the organ shortage, there dizziness, palpitations, pulse increased quickly, sweating, can also cause serious hypotension.

Supine position when the oppression of the inferior vena cava can also be aggravated or induced hypertension syndrome. Can also be caused by poor urination, lower extremity edema, lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids and so on.

Sigmoid colon is located in the left lower abdomen, resulting in increased uterus dextral to uterine blood vessels by the pull or twist, the same can lead to reduced placental blood flow, and fetal development caused by obstacles.

This shows that pregnant women should not be Yang digital. The best are left supine sleep position. Of course, not only the entire night of sleep to maintain a posture is not possible, you can turn around lateral position, it is proposed the left supine day, short-term lateral position to avoid the supine position, particularly in late pregnancy should be the case.

Third trimester of pregnancy (8-10 months) lying in this period is particularly important. Pregnant women lying on their own and the safety of the fetus has an important relationship. Position the left side to be taken, such supine correct dextral uterine increased to reduce the uterus to the abdominal aorta and iliac artery pressure and improve blood circulation, increase blood supply to the fetus and is conducive to growth and development of the fetus . However, supine position should not be taken. Supine position because when the uterine enormous oppression inferior vena cava so that blood volume and cardiac output reduction, and the emergence of low blood pressure, pregnant women will have the feeling of dizziness, palpitation, nausea, symptoms such as breath, and pale, limb weakness, a such as cold. In view of the above symptoms should immediately take the left side of supine, blood pressure gradually returned to normal, the symptoms disappeared.

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