Pseudocyesis is not real pregnancy

Pseudocyesis false pregnancy malePregnancy is a very wonderful process, but also an interesting stage of life. Pregnant women in addition to general physical discomfort, the mood was volatile. However, some pregnant women do not have symptoms of pregnancy, male pregnancy may also be symptoms appear, how exactly is all about?

A Typical Pseudocyesis Example

Amy is an over 30-year-old office worker, she has a pregnant women in general symptoms: cessation of menstruation, abdominal pain up, areolar discoloration, large breasts, vomiting, weight gain and appetite for change and good. Obstetrics and Gynecology her to seek medical attention, it was strange that negative pregnancy test results, that is, that she was not pregnant, after detailed examination of obstetricians, she really not pregnant.

Why is it, Amy Why do symptoms of pregnancy? Obstetricians was introduced to her out-patient psychological counseling. You may find it strange that the problem of physiological psychology Guan anything at all? In fact, as many pregnant women mood swings when pregnant, so they also need psychologists to help them resolve emotional problems after pregnancy.

Pseudocyesis - False Pregnancy

Amy is suffering from pseudo-pregnancy (Pseudocyesis), a relatively rare mental disease. She is very typical symptoms, the simple answer is that in the absence of pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy are. Patients may also “listen” to the fetal heart rate was within the peristalsis in the womb, fear of the health of the fetus until the “baby” until birth. The so-called birth of the fetus, in fact, refers to patients with feel the same pain, some patients in the “production” have been found out that there is no pregnancy and depression, but the majority of patients with symptoms of pregnancy will also be a result of “throes” and “production” disappeared.

Pseudocyesis as far as 300 years BC when the ancient Greek medicine has been documented. Historically, the more famous of the 16th century, Mary Queen of England (Mary Tudor). Pseudo-pregnancy endocrine disorders in the brain lesions, patients with psychiatric diseases, but there is no brain or psychiatric illness may also be suffering from. Some experts pointed out that the pseudo-pregnancy is very keen on the one hand, as a result of patients with pregnancy, but on the other hand, fear of pregnancy and the formation of such a contradiction psychological pressure. The majority of patients between the ages of 20 to 44 years old.

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Knowledge of Fetal Movement

Fetal Movement KnowledgeClinical research has shown that fetal hypoxia leading to fetal death inside his mother’s womb, newborn and child mortality, or the main reason for mental retardation. Although there are many modern instruments and equipment to monitor the fetal hypoxia, but it is difficult for pregnant women under medical supervision at all times, so some fetal hypoxia cannot be detected and corrected on early time. However, hypoxia may also occur early in fetal distress signals, their performance is the fetal temper and try to attract the attention of pregnant women.

Fetal movement is a normal physiological event, 18-20 weeks of pregnancy in pregnant women can be perceived. Fetal movement and the different situations are different, the general type of fetal quiet softer, less; exciting action-type fetal movement, and the number. If a fetus was suddenly quiet and lively or a quiet was suddenly restless fetus, fetal movement less than 10 times every 12 hours or more than 40 times every 12 hours, that is, the possibility of intrauterine hypoxia. This is a fetus in order to reduce the consumption of oxygen, or hypoxia due to the impact of the central nervous system. Calculation of movement of pregnant women, it is desirable to sitting or lying position, a day early, middle and late time in the fixed number of 1 hour, 3 times the sum multiplied by 4, is the number of fetal movement for 12 hours.

Normal fetal heart rate is regular and strong, and 120-160 times per minute, such as the normal fetal position, in the pregnant women in the lower abdomen that is, the left or the right side of where the child back, the husband can make use of simple equipment to listen to. Reduction in fetal movement, there have been frequent fetal heart rate, if more than 160 times per minute for the early fetal hypoxia signal; reduction or cessation of fetal movement, fetal heart rate of less than 120 times per minute, compared with late fetal hypoxia. Position to listen to fetal heart rate should be specified in the doctors, but take note that if the fetal heart rate abnormalities, they should listen to 20 minutes intervals; such as fetal heart rate faster, but also complex in the absence of movement when listening to. Such as pregnant women found to have abnormal fetus, they should immediately seek medical treatment given to correct the cause, and ensure a smooth and healthy growth of the fetus.

Can Breastfeeding During Pregnancy?

Maternity BreastfeedingThis is a frequently asked questions of pregnancy who still need to breastfeeding. We all know that breastmilk is the healthiest baby food and you still can breastfeeding, even you are pregnant again. As long as there is no health and other problem of premature birth or nutritional intake is sufficient!

Contraception can not be fully breast-feeding! If the pregnancy can continue to breast-feed!
Pregnancy, if there is no health considerations and not suitable for the reasons, of course, breastfeeding can be! In fact, in clinical practice after mother often because of breast-feeding, that will not be on pregnancy, menstruation has been the first to add does not appear, when found wrong, and obstetrics and gynecology out-patient examination, and sometimes have been pregnant 3, 4 months!

In general, women 6 months postpartum, if 100 percent of breast-feeding, and its contraceptive effect can be as high as 95-98%; However, if the frequency of less feeding, and its effect on the relatively poor contraceptive. In addition, it is necessary to remind mothers that there is no menstruation to ovulation does not mean that there is no function.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy, attention should be given five kinds of situations
If mom decided to continue breastfeeding during pregnancy, it should be noted the following:

  1. If there was premature prior to the history of obstetrics and gynecology physicians should ask, at this stage, the suitability of breast-feeding.
  2. As a result of breast-feeding may be physically spent, so breast-feeding of pregnant women need more rest; feeding posture must also be adjusted to allow the body to the point of view the most comfortable breast-feeding, or milking device out of the use of In addition to feeding.
  3. Pregnancy, the pregnant women in order to supply the nutritional needs of the fetal abdomen, at the same time if the breast-feeding, pregnant women must be extra nutritional supplements in order to take care of fetal abdomen and the baby to drink breast milk.
  4. Usually after 4 months of pregnancy, the volume of manufacturing milk will gradually lead to a reduction in breast-feeding at this time of the baby food may be feeling, it is likely because of inadequate nutrition, resulting in weight loss, when the baby will coupled with the need for additional other non-staple food, in order to help the body’s normal growth.
  5. Pregnant mother should pay more attention to whether or not breastfeeding when symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, in order to avoid premature delivery, miscarriage, such as regret.

Breast-feeding to maintain a comfortable posture
In fact, as long as the pregnant women to maintain adequate nutrition, and there is no lack of physical comfort, breast-feeding can be sustained. However, due to protruding bellies, pregnant women in the breast-feeding are more easily when tired, so in the posture, the need for pregnant women can be comfortable to relax its own posture, sitting or lying down can be. Breast-feeding can be more than the use of pillow or blankets, to support themselves and their babies; or can be squeezed from breast milk will then bottle-feeding, but in such a way easy to make less milk.

The benefits of breast-feeding is really a lot, in addition to medical considerations, the mother as long as there is willingness to breast-feeding, they can continue breastfeeding. Breast milk is the God to give your baby the most precious gift, unless the baby do not want to drink their own, or mother’s milk from their own consideration, or in the process of breastfeeding, in addition to provide the nutritional value of mother’s milk, the most important thing is that between mother and son can develop a close relationship. Of course, it is important that at this time Mommy to be of adequate nutrition intake in order to both the fetus and newborn ventral Oh baby!

Prenatal Education by Music Method

Maternity Music EducationTo the hospital examination, doctors told that prenatal education may be low for some piece of music-induced suppression.

In order to have a smart baby, and now some of the family when his wife was pregnant at the beginning of the implementation of “prenatal education”, but the experts pointed out that if the use of prenatal education music properly, it will give a negative impact on children.

Prenatal education about the music choice
Relevant experts believe that pregnant women to ensure adequate nutrition and rest conditions, the timing of fetal regular music stimulation, can promote baby’s sensory nerve and the cerebral cortex of the faster development of the hub, such as the number of songs in the soothing, gentle, cheerful part for prenatal education. However tragic, intense excitement of the music section would be affected the normal development of the fetus, can cause serious birth defects or mental atresia. Therefore, listen to the music to the fetus through the medical profession to choose eugenics prenatal education will be examined and approved by the music.

The choice of music, the music must be the prenatal education through the selection and design professionals, pregnant women should listen to the rhythm of gentle ease some of the light music, the rhythm of ups and downs, as some larger symphonies, particularly the rock and roll, disco dance music, such as a strong irritant, are not suitable for pregnant women to listen to. Prenatal education should be the frequency of music, rhythm, strength and scope of reverberation decibels, as far as possible, with the fetal uterus of pregnant women in tune sound, resonance.

Music prenatal education may result in inappropriate fetal deafness

According to experts, the fetus in its mother’s stomach a long 4 months of age will have a hearing, up to 6 months, the hearing on the development of the fetus close to the adult. Prenatal Education at this time to really be able to stimulate the growth of fetal organs of hearing, and promote the brain development of children.

However, many pregnant women at prenatal education, it is directly to tape recorders, radios, etc. on the belly so that their child listen to music. This is not correct. Because at this time although the development of the fetus mature cochlea, but still very young, especially in the inner ear staple above the basement membrane is extremely delicate, if stimulated by the high-frequency sound, it is vulnerable to irreversible damage.

Prenatal education needs to be connected with the infant education. As the experts emphasized: “prenatal education began in the fetus and can not be the end of childbirth, the baby must also be consistent with the early education, so that it will not come to naught so prenatal education.”

In short, pregnant women throughout pregnancy, only the complete elimination of eugenic enemy of good child care, prenatal education for the right to Health and the baby healthy, so the right to use the more fun for parents to make children better, healthier .

The mother during pregnancy often sing, for the fetus is equivalent to a pre-immunization, can provide an important impression on the memory, not only contribute to physical growth of the fetus, but also beneficial to mental development, which the fetus can get the feeling and the feelings of the dual meet.

Psychology experts believe that during pregnancy the mother often sing, for the fetus is equivalent to a “pre-immune”, can provide an important impression on the memory, not only contribute to physical growth of the fetus, but also beneficial to mental development.

Prenatal education requirements of the traditional music of the mother in a state of relaxation, and feelings by listening to classical music brought about a peaceful and tranquil. Although this way of prenatal education for a long time to allow mothers to keep the feelings of pleasure and to promote fetal development, but the fetal baby can simply feel the music, not from the music information, prenatal education and sometimes the effect is not satisfactory. In addition, the quality of music player devices, if the bad acoustics, but also seriously affect the health of the fetus.

Therefore, Russian experts to encourage and advocate for their mother countries, prenatal education to change the traditional form of music, listen to their singing to the baby. This conversation with the child’s strengths with the music combined with prenatal education, put teaching at the singing of communication with the fetus, leading to the development process have a positive psychological changes.

It is learned that the medical and music experts in the design for the characteristics of pregnant women has produced a song mothers. At present, about 1000 mothers come out of the song, songs, rhythm based on a number of Russia’s most famous poet of childhood full of poetry, both the lyrics like “there is only a good mother,” the content, but also the circumstances of the children playing games, as well as weather, seasons, animal and plant knowledge.

At present, the effect of prenatal education beyond that expected by the “prenatal education singing” mother of the baby in the womb has always been a healthy development. After birth, the baby began to turn their back on, stand up, sit-lap, walking, talking as early as the time the baby is not trained, and the former 1-year prevalence rate of less than lower than the latter.

Big Secret: How to Control Baby Gender by Food

Baby Gender Boy and GirlFor boys, I believe that many prospective parents would want to control baby’s sex through diet. This approach has also been confirmed by science. University of Exeter and Oxford University scientists have pointed out that women during pregnancy, if the do not eat breakfast or low calorie food intake, they are more likely a girl. This is also the first time, scientists confirmed that women’s eating habits can influence a baby gender.

Therefore, prospective parents in order to round the boys did not dream, Net experts Fortunately pregnant collected dietary secret boys, take a look at it!

High-calorie food

British scientists found that the gender of baby at his mother’s eating habits before pregnancy may be linked must exist. However, some experts said the need for further study found the test.

The study was conducted by Oxford University and the University of Exeter scientists achieve common. Their first pregnancy more than 700 British women conducted a survey, please provide them with pre-pregnancy diet records. The results showed that daily intake before pregnancy with a high calorie foods for pregnant women, 56% of the people later gave birth to boys, and lower calorie intake of foods containing boys the proportion of pregnant women, only 45%; eat breakfast every day before pregnancy grains of pregnant women, 59% of the people later gave birth to boys, and little to eat or not eat breakfast the proportion of boys in pregnant women, only 43%.

Pre-pregnancy many women eat bananas and potassium, calcium, vitamin C, such as more food, Health and opportunities for boys as well. Scientists explained at the time speculated that the newly discovered, specific eating habits of pregnant women may result in higher glucose levels in vivo, which may be more conducive to sperm carrying Y chromosomes to survive.

Basic categories of food

According to food scientists for research, found that some foods are acidic property, while others are alkaline, if a couple in the family planning process, it is really like to give birth to a male, then give birth in order to increase the probability of boys, women should eat more on some basic food, because this kind of food you can balance the body’s pH, making a basic state of the human body to increase the Y sperm and eggs successfully fertilized, the opportunity to combine. In general, the basic food, including fresh vegetables, milk, oranges, bananas, kelp, etc..

Every day people eat rice, flour, grains, meat, fish, poultry, eggs and so on, mostly in the body acidic reaction, and only after the decomposition of vegetables, after digestion in the body was alkaline reaction. Between pregnant women to eat vegetables can be acidic and the body in order to maintain the body’s alkaline environment. Excellent habitat for dependent children of pregnant women is very important.

Salty Male, Sweet Female

South Africa has a “salty sweet male female” that was recently confirmed by scientists. South Africa, scientists believe that eating red meat and fast food will be boys, and eating chocolate will help a girl.

Scientists at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, recently carried out in animals, a pilot found that consumption of polysaccharide food, gave birth to the young less Polyandry; and maintain normal blood sugar levels, the proportion of young is about half and half. Research Professor host Erica said that the test results also apply to human beings.

The researchers said that the children are from the sperm of the gender of a chromosome that contains the decision, X chromosome for girls, Y chromosomes for boys, men carrying dietary change X or Y chromosome ratio. In addition, the diet will also affect the uterine environment, thereby making it more suitable to carry the X chromosome sperm or sperm carrying the Y chromosome.

Can adjust the mood to eat chocolate, can generate excitement, the mother is pregnant, after a good mood, as well as fetal growth and development of the fetal central nervous system will have a positive impact. But do not eat too much chocolate, because the lipid content is relatively high, many after eating, may affect the intake of other nutrients. Second, eat too much food will cause the body to increase metabolism so that energy consumption increased, but so that the fetus is not the appropriate nutrition. Chocolate is high temperature, which is also relatively low energy consumption, each with its own pros and cons of eating chocolate a day, eat a little time to eat, not to hard to eat.

Sleep Posture During Pregnancy

Pregnant women sleeping position was the growth and development of the fetus has important implications.

Pregnancy Sleep PoseDuring early pregnancy (1-3 months), development of the fetus in the womb still in its mother’s body inside the pelvic cavity, directly outside their own oppression or repression will not be heavy, so pregnant women are free to sleep position, mainly to take a comfortable position, such as supine position, lateral position may be. Such as sleeping face down, or arms around things such as bad sleep sleeping position should be changed.

Pregnancy medium-term (4-7 months), this period should be attention to the protection of the abdomen and avoid the direct effect of external forces. If too much amniotic fluid of pregnant women or twin pregnancy, it is necessary to take the lateral position sleeping position, which will allow pregnant women more comfortable, sleeping position will have other symptoms of oppression. If the pregnant women of lower limbs feel heavy and can be taken in supine position, with soft pillows to raise slightly lower extremities.

When pregnant women in supine position, the uterus can increase the oppression of the abdominal aorta before the spine, resulting in reduced placental blood perfusion to occur because of fetal hypoxia, ischemia caused by a variety of diseases. Hair such as intrauterine growth retardation, fetal distress, severe punishment may also cause stillbirth. Pregnant women, because the abdominal aortic pressure, blood volume and cardiac output both decreased, while maternal blood supply to the organ shortage, there dizziness, palpitations, pulse increased quickly, sweating, can also cause serious hypotension.

Supine position when the oppression of the inferior vena cava can also be aggravated or induced hypertension syndrome. Can also be caused by poor urination, lower extremity edema, lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids and so on.

Sigmoid colon is located in the left lower abdomen, resulting in increased uterus dextral to uterine blood vessels by the pull or twist, the same can lead to reduced placental blood flow, and fetal development caused by obstacles.

This shows that pregnant women should not be Yang digital. The best are left supine sleep position. Of course, not only the entire night of sleep to maintain a posture is not possible, you can turn around lateral position, it is proposed the left supine day, short-term lateral position to avoid the supine position, particularly in late pregnancy should be the case.

Third trimester of pregnancy (8-10 months) lying in this period is particularly important. Pregnant women lying on their own and the safety of the fetus has an important relationship. Position the left side to be taken, such supine correct dextral uterine increased to reduce the uterus to the abdominal aorta and iliac artery pressure and improve blood circulation, increase blood supply to the fetus and is conducive to growth and development of the fetus . However, supine position should not be taken. Supine position because when the uterine enormous oppression inferior vena cava so that blood volume and cardiac output reduction, and the emergence of low blood pressure, pregnant women will have the feeling of dizziness, palpitation, nausea, symptoms such as breath, and pale, limb weakness, a such as cold. In view of the above symptoms should immediately take the left side of supine, blood pressure gradually returned to normal, the symptoms disappeared.

Adverse Emotions Will Transfer to Fetal

Adverse Emotions PregnancyFetal can hear voices after 6 months and mother stomach at a variety of responses, such as increased fetal movement, such as heart beat a little faster. “Fetal blood with his mother, his natural mother can understand the feelings.” “When the happy mother, the fetus in the mother will feel the pleasure, it will probably smile, eat fingers at lot in the amniotic fluid. However, if the mother to stimulate the spirit of strong, shock, depression, grief, the fetus may also be unhappy, feel fear. “There is no doubt that the mood of pregnant women will be transmitted to the baby.

Pregnant women will certainly be feeling the worst affected fetus. The study found that mothers of early pregnancy mood swings, increased secretion of adrenal hormones may cause miscarriage or premature delivery. In addition, pregnant women will be feeling the impact of low appetite, poor digestion and absorption, the body organs will be in a negative status, which is obviously the growth and development of the fetus has also adversely affected.

Health for Children, pregnant women studying emotional regulation

For pregnant women, the nurturing of this baby in 280 days may not be fun every day, but rather because of changes in hormone levels, the body does not react, take care of ill family members and so there will be a variety of adverse emotional, and sometimes sadness, loneliness, anxiety will around pregnant women, so that the process of pregnancy more difficult.

Children worry too much about the health

Have taken place since 2004 and twice in 2006 after the abortion experience, eager to baby that I address the more urgent and more nervous, we hope that as soon as possible pregnancy, it is feared that once again the problem, suffering in every possible way. In this way, two years later, by the end of 2008 was finally pregnant. However, the initial three months, she always worried about the recurrence of abortion, live in fear every day, in view of such circumstances, doctors had no choice but to let her stay Baotai.

Comments: there is a history of habitual abortion in pregnant women, pregnant again after a very emotional tension. Some pregnant women are on the one hospital on Baotai carefully, treading on thin ice. However, life stress, mental stress and habitual abortion in direct proportion to the relationship, the easier it is probably more concerned about abortion.


  1. Learn about the many pregnancy, childbirth knowledge, do not let the past they have been plagued by unfortunate experience.
  2. Relax, and Health too many women with children chat and exchange experience about fertility.
  3. Emphasis on the middle class seized, doctor timely problems.

The impact of emotional reactions during pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy, early pregnancy spiritual son reacted strongly to what spit what are relatively poor state of mind, for she always cried. Although it is not spit now, but the beginning of lower extremity edema, the nose has become red and large, a kind of completely changed. Son of Hope has been 8 months pregnant, but still can not understand the feelings of pleasure, but feel annoyed.

Comments: In early pregnancy and pregnancy 3 months late, pregnant women larger than the mood swings. Early in pregnancy, mainly physical discomfort, such as nausea, vomiting, poor sleep and other symptoms, to the late months of pregnancy, the fetus grew, more and more heavy body of pregnant women, but also have lower extremity edema, low back pain and other symptoms, but also in the third trimester of pregnancy, worry about your baby’s feelings will be more and more obvious that, in the spirit of greater stress.


  1. To recognize that children of pregnant women are a very normal stage of life, the majority of pregnant women experience early pregnancy reaction, such as feeling unwell, pregnant women need to do is try to keep calm and pleasant attitude, and accept the body’s normal during pregnancy Change.
  2. The relationship between diet and more emotional, experts suggest that pregnant women can not diet, not overeating, overweight cause.
  3. A lot of time because of physiological changes in pregnant women, dress has become very casual, in fact, beautiful pregnant women themselves, have become good mood.
  4. Home decoration decorative elegant, harmonious, clean, soft lighting, comfortable interior environment of the prospective mother will feel some comfort.

Change the body’s hormone

“I thought at the time pregnant women are the most happy, but pregnancy after the resignation of my full-time at home when the pregnant women, elderly people at home do not, spare any husband every day, I saw him he would like to say, he wanted to see him , a very lonely person at home, like shedding tears, become very pessimistic. “lili told doctors that they feel during pregnancy rather pessimistic sentiment.

Comments: After pregnancy, pregnant women more vulnerable to emotional, from the material that the substantial increase in the secretion during pregnancy and the female hormone progesterone cause mood swings are the main reason. But the mood swings are still fundamentally the reasons are psychological.


  1. At 4 months after pregnancy can pregnant women practice yoga, this exercise from the body, mind, and spirit in three areas to appease the mood of pregnant women.
  2. Writing pregnancy diary, recorded under the 280 days in the little bit of detail, the transfer of their attention.
  3. Take a walk there is time, can relax their mood.
  4. Unless the doctor to rest, pregnant women can go to work, alone at home will be one person but will make people feel lonely.

Concern for the lack of family

Baby quick 6 months, but she was depressed all day, and sometimes shedding tears. She said that between this husband did not go home for dinner every night, said the company want to work overtime, sometimes I think, true in him to work overtime, or have other reasons, good hard think.

Comment: Men do not sometimes delicate woman thought, therefore, possible during pregnancy, her husband ignored the psychological needs of pregnant women, this does not mean that he has any other thing, so during pregnancy should trust their own husband.


  1. Preparation of the supplies can be distributed baby their attention.
  2. Weekly husband told baby a few weeks now, and prepare a book on the pregnancy, if he read the book, you will make it clear the feelings and circumstances.
  3. Accompanied by her husband so many pregnant women on hospital School, listening to lectures pregnancy, the prospective father can be at home to gentle massage action of the abdominal wall in pregnant women, touching can rely on the protection of pregnant women to be satisfied with the psychological, emotional stability and relaxation will become.
  4. Pregnant women went on talking, in a bad mood, the husband or relatives must be willing to “listen” and learn to understand.

Remember! Keep Happy and Simle!

Pregnant how to wear to work? Pants have become mainstream.

Maternity PantsModern women seeking independence, even if the majority of pregnant women still work hard at efforts. So in the end want to go to work during pregnancy how to wear to look good, decent, but also maintain their own fashion style, they are so vexing problem. According to NOLITA observation, women are gradually replacing pants dress has become the mainstream.

Why did Maternity pants have gradually become the preferred?

1. Most of the mother at 3-4 months of pregnancy will gradually protruding from the stomach, when too much dress to wear for pregnant women, old and tighten the pants feel, obstetrics and gynecology doctors usually recommend at this time to change into Adjustable elastic pants for pregnant women.
2. With the increase in the number of weeks, weight gain too fast Mummy, there will usually the case of thigh fat, walking very much friction, which also allow pregnant women to wear pants to Mummy, and reduce the wear dress .

3. Are producing the benefits of wearing trousers found very convenient, do not put embarrassing dress up from the leg all the way to the stomach (although nurses have seen too many doctors with pregnant women, that would not mind), as long as part of the belly down cloth Latin America can be.

4. Select a lot of pregnant women are wearing trousers because “pregnant women do not want to look like.” Pants because simple direct and can not tell from behind in the end are not pregnant.

Pregnant women to join the ranks of fashion now! But suggested that pregnant women prepare 2-3 pieces of trousers replaced because cleaning too frequently will shorten the life of clothing, but can not every day you wear the same!

The impact of exercise on the fetus

Maternity Sport Impact1. Female part of the body anatomy of the fetus during pregnancy when there is appropriate protection of the role of the pelvis, uterine wall and amniotic fluid have a very good shock absorber role, so many pregnant women can safely take part in suitable activities. At early pregnancy, amniotic fluid has the function of lubricating delicate organization, and in late pregnancy, which allow the free movement of the fetus and a slight change in body position.

2. Jumping and physical contact sport of the abdomen of pregnant women vulnerable to shocks, so threatening to the fetus; Other Games all of a sudden the impact of the vagina caused by the flow (such as water-skiing), or changes in pressure (such as diving), this will result in the fetus and the mother’s dangerous, pregnant women should avoid such activities.

3. Exercise for pregnant women, the placental blood and muscle blood sport competition will demand situation of the distribution.

4. Mothers exercise, the decline in pH of arterial blood vessels and reduce the oxygen, the fetal heart rate will increase.

5. In the exercise of the mother, such as ventilation uteroplacental (uteroplacental) is low, the heart rate of fetal anomalies, and heart rate during recovery of the situation there will be too slow. Due to lack of oxygen caused by fetal stress the greater the potential, then the fetus in the mother after the exercise heart rate may become slow restore.

6. A normal fetus, the mother at increased heart rate during exercise and recovery phase gradually decreased.

7. In the exercise will reduce blood flow, but the uterine and umbilical uptake of oxygen remains unchanged, this may be because of fetal hemoglobin to carry oxygen by the mother more than 20% ~ 30%, and maternal fetal blood concentration than 50% . In addition, the fetal demand for oxygen is also reduced, because of its small amount of muscle activity, and fetal body temperature because the liquid to maintain a very stable environment.

8. Exercise should be to avoid “overheating exercise cause fetal disease” (exercise induced fetal hyperthermia), because the symptoms are very dangerous to the fetus.