Jeans for Maternity

Body type of pregnant women is different from the non-pregnant, so how to select the right of pregnant women jeans, fashion has become the subject of a mom. “A good quality version of a pregnant woman model good jeans definitely make you comfortable and fashionable to spend the entire pregnancy!”

Jeans for maternityPre-pregnancy jeans and ultimately, of women, of course, after becoming a Mommy can not give up jeans, but the bellied body type, after all, is different from the non-pregnant body, so how to select the right of pregnant women jeans became fashionable Mommy an issue. Let’s share the purchase of pregnant women jeans know-how.

1. Stretch Fabric?
Maternity jeans sure to choose a flexible fabric? The answer is whether the cut. Straight or wide tube of the pants-type fabric is usually inelastic more able to shape the pants stiffness, while the small bell-bottoms, or shoe blade pants, and can be Choose containing 2% of the elastic fibers in order to show fit lines.

2. One Size?
The number of pregnancies in the end will be fat, no one can tell you exact figures, the experience of others are just for reference. Otherwise why buy big pants in the end on the 1st? Suggest that you post pregnancy hip (not waist circumference, because the stomach will not stop larger) as the criteria to choose, there is flexibility in jeans without special buy big on the 1st, because the fabric itself has a ductility.

3. Brand or Price?
Many people do not know, jeans, some special effect is washed out to do with chemical agents, low-priced jeans with the brand’s counters are very large differences in jeans, in addition to selecting different fabrics, the low-priced jeans because of cost considerations, less the possible use of quality control certified by a competent environmental agents, these remnants of the chemical agent is likely to cause skin allergies, pregnant women are particularly sensitive to the physical impact, it should be particularly careful in choosing Mommy jeans brand.

4. Find your own fit
Small bell-bottoms are classic unbeaten section, a variety of body modification has a good effect; wide pipe fitting pants to choose hip-hugging, starting from the thigh of the pants leg gradually widened version of type, can be elongated legs lines; shoe blade pants is recommended to not like a small speaker but still needed to build the Bulletin boards modification; pipe pants more suitable for hands and feet during pregnancy are still thin Mummy.

As there are many people love Liz Lange Maternity Jeans, so I would like to share some reviews of it. Liz Lange Jeans is a nice jean, I bought 3 pairs of LL jeans when I was pregnant and I love them very much.  They are very comfortable and the waistband will not ride up too much. But you may need to purchase a bigger size if you are at 6 months.

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