How to Prevent Insomnia during Pregnancy

Prevent Pregnancy InsomniaInsomnia is a common problem for pregnancy mom, here are some tips for prevent it!

1. To prevent insomnia, you should develop some good habits, proper arrangements for work and study time, pay attention to science and to use the brain, the brain volume of work as far as possible into the day to do, but with the brain of small or do not need to use the brain’s work can be at night.

2. Physical activity status of the necessary adjustments to avoid the large nerve cells of energy over-consumption.

3. Before going to bed to create the brain cortex a high degree of tension and excitement, inhibit the condition, so that release can achieve relaxation and rest my mind purposes. If the bedtime joking too, too excited or because, even if the sleep, the cerebral cortex part of the excitement still active, and this easy to excessive dreaming, affecting the brain a rest.

Usually bad late at night, especially in the feel weariness, the must not rely on smoking, drinking tea refreshing. In addition, before going to sleep good eating, not easy to drink too much water can be an appropriate amount of milk sort of easily digestible liquid or semi-liquid food.

4. Sleep environment should be quiet. Quiet, clean, comfortable environment will make you happy, it help you sleep. If only even if the impact of sleep and health. Is generally believed that the bedroom temperature to maintain the 18-20 is appropriate. Whether cold weather days of fever, before going to bed are a result of the window ventilation, which helps to fall asleep.

5. Maintaining a good frame of mind. During pregnancy, maternal mood due to physiological changes in prone to large fluctuations, so maintain a good state of mind very important. Pleasure to help to better sleep, so in early pregnancy may pay more attention to some useful pleasant mood thing.

Early pregnancy insomnia is a normal biological response, mothers who do not have to worry too much about. However, if the symptoms continued and serious they should pay attention to. The timely assistance of professional doctors, to seek scientific solutions. Usually also available through telephone, Internet and other channels to learn more knowledge, you can also consult online doctor how to prevent sleep from occurring.

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  1. One dont have to worry much about Insomnia.This is something very common especially for the first time pregnant women. The tips here will easily get u over insomnia..

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