How to count fetal movement?

Counting Fetal MovementAmniotic fluid inside the fetal activity, early pregnancy at around 8 weeks after the performance to outside stimuli the reflex action, around 10-12 weeks when the ultrasound can see that the autonomy of the movement situation, including: hands, feet, head, torso ease activity, etc., as if underwater swimming in the water in general, which are parent-child vision between the contacts on the first category.

Prospective mother to make their own felt fetal movement, you have to wait until 18-20 weeks of pregnancy or so, this is where the real feeling of new life. The beginning of a very slight movement, I feel as if suddenly electric belly up, it seems someone at door, but also a bit like intestines peristalsis by maternal comparison can clearly be resolved.

Fetal movement and fetal development of the nervous system, and previous obstetric NOT detection devices, lively movement situation is the best guarantee of a healthy fetus. Although today the medical well-developed on a regular basis apart from prenatal care, the prospective mother must always pay attention to movement. If you are in a short intense exercise, the sudden cessation of movement on, there are possible because of severe fetal hypoxia, cause the abortion of the ensuing tragedy.

Frequently feel that normal fetal movement is a good situation, but clinically it is difficult to be specific to the case of fetal movement quantity of objective criteria, in general, as the weeks of pregnancy increased from about 32 weeks, the frequency of fetal movement will seems more and more until near birth until slightly reduced. In addition, the number of the impact of movement of the factors include: low blood sugar level, sedative drugs, smoking, such as reduced fetal movement made; fetal position is not correct location of the movement can not easily be detected with relatively low; fetal movement may also be suspended because of fetal sleep, you can try to roll one shake belly to wake him up.

Drastically reduce the number of fetal movement or even stop the movement, probably means that the fetal risk, some scholars have suggested that the prospective mother to do fetal movement tables, every day morning, afternoon and evening of the calculation of the number of one-hour movement, the fetus has its own menstrual cycles, so comparison should be the same before and after the selection period of time, if the movement to reduce the number of the previous day more than 50%, should immediately seek medical treatment in order to further assess the fetal monitor fetal health.

For the quasi-normal for the mother, their calculation of the number of fetal movement is the simplest, most economical method, only the frequency of fetal movement everyday computing and records, but not have to go to the hospital every day, or the use of any equipment, so will not affect the to the daily lives of work and rest. However, in order to want to assess the movement of your baby’s health status, pregnancy must wait until six or seven months, the mother can feel movement when obviously do.

Calculated to ensure that the fetal movement safety

According to statistics, the number of fetal movement can be detected in 80-90% of the anomaly, is a useful

Method One
Generally at 6-7 months later, during the day and the average should be measured 10 times fetal movement, but within 12 hours if less than 3 times the previous day or less 1 / 2 times, then as soon as possible for medical treatment, make a more detailed inspection . Prospective mother during the day be able to measured fetal movement 10 times, generally can be relieved of.

Method Two
Reach a certain number of computing time required for movement, generally 10 times as the standard. Prospective mother woke up from the morning on the measurement of fetal movement begin to reach 10 under on the no longer just be business as usual work, housework. Therefore, there is probably under 1 hours 10 fetal movement, but also probably has 10 times the evening before. Therefore, as the case may be have to.

Method Three
Two principles and methods of the same and slightly modified, made a table, every morning 8:00 start calculating the movement, until there is at 10 times on the table to be marked with no need to calculate it. However, if the 12 o’clock, no fetal movement 10 times, you should see a doctor to do inspections

Method Four
Day, morning, afternoon and evening of the fixed one hour, measure fetal movement. And then three hours on the 1st movement measured by multiplying the total number of 4, which is Baby daily fetal movement record of 12 hours. If less than 3 times per hour, then to extend the determination of time to six or 12 hours.

Method Five
Quasi-free mother day set aside a fixed period of time, to calculate the number of fetal movement. After the choice of breakfast or supper. After dinner because of the prospective mother, blood glucose increased fetal heart at this time the most happy, so it speed up the heart rate, fetal movement will be more obvious, suitable computing movement. Can tell us 10 times the number of required movement time. If, after three hours, fetal movement is less than 10 times, we need to find a doctor to do a more detailed examination.

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