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Pseudocyesis is not real pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very wonderful process, but also an interesting stage of life. Pregnant women in addition to general physical discomfort, the mood was volatile. However, some pregnant women do not have symptoms of pregnancy, male pregnancy may also be symptoms appear, how exactly is all about?
A Typical Pseudocyesis Example
Amy is an over 30-year-old office [...]

Week by Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an cheerful time and you can learn about your child’s growth and development. The following are the data about pregnancy week by week.
Week 10: 5g / 3.1-4.2cm
Week 11: 8g / 4.4-6cm
Week 12 :8-14g / 6.1cm
Week 13:13-20g / 6.5-7.8cm
Week 14: 25g / 8-9.3cm
Week 15: 50g / 9.3-10.3cm
Week 16: 80g / 10.8-11.6cm
Week 17: 100g / [...]

Prevent and Eliminate Maternity Stretch Marks

How the prevent and eliminate pregnancy stretch marks
1, Enhance skin elasticity
During pregnancy to avoid excessive intake of sweets and fried foods should be balanced intake of nutrition, improve skin texture, helping to enhance skin elasticity.
2, Control weight gain
Weight during pregnancy will increase the monthly weight gain should not be more than two kilograms, the whole [...]

N. Korea’s maternity hospitals

CNN’s Alina Cho shows us a rare glimpse inside a maternity hospital in North Korea.
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Holiday Maternity

‘Tis the season to look fabulous — especially pregnant women. Check out these outfits sure to make you shine this holiday season.
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Maternity Wear autumn winter signature style 07

Isabella Oliver’s designer maternity wear signature styles include flattering ruching and wrapping to fit your pregnant body perfectly. This …
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