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Sports for maternity - Do or Not Do

Appropriate exercise can help mothers adjust to the needs of pregnancy and childbirth to give birth more easily, more easily. However, improper movement, but may cause irreparable serious consequences. What, what sports can do? Which movement is best not to do?
Pregnancy after the movement is still a very good habit. But how much exercise the [...]

My Maternity Swimwear

Before pregnant, my favorite sport is swimming and jogging. However, pregnant belly was not obvious in the early and others fear being kicked stomach. That make me not dare swim, I therefore have to point ailing, mountain climb to accompany her husband to shoot pictures for a little about the activities of bones.
Now 20 weeks [...]

What to Buy for Pregnancy Exercise

Are you sick of going to the gym and finding it harder to keep up on the treadmill and elliptical as your belly expands? Even exercise machines become awkward as your belly expands and your risk of injury increases as your ligaments and joints loosen during pregnancy. Well a great way to mix up your [...]