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Pseudocyesis is not real pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very wonderful process, but also an interesting stage of life. Pregnant women in addition to general physical discomfort, the mood was volatile. However, some pregnant women do not have symptoms of pregnancy, male pregnancy may also be symptoms appear, how exactly is all about?
A Typical Pseudocyesis Example
Amy is an over 30-year-old office [...]

Knowledge of Fetal Movement

Clinical research has shown that fetal hypoxia leading to fetal death inside his mother’s womb, newborn and child mortality, or the main reason for mental retardation. Although there are many modern instruments and equipment to monitor the fetal hypoxia, but it is difficult for pregnant women under medical supervision at all times, so some fetal [...]

Music Prenatal Education

Why should there be a prenatal education do?
Fetal physiology, psychology, growth, apart from relying on the umbilical cord connected with the mother for nutrition lose oxygen, the fetus has its own sensitive Perception and mental, can feel the uterus outside the context. In addition a strong communication channels, by pregnant women are changes in mood, [...]

Know Everything About Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid volume
Amniotic fluid volume, in the course of pregnancy, a gradual increase, at 34 weeks reached a peak at an average of about 980 cc, and then gradually less. Full-term amniotic fluid volume at the time, about 830 cc, to 42 weeks when only a 550 cc. In order to maintain the volume of [...]

Pregnancy vaginal discharge does not apply

An increase in vaginal secretion during pregnancy normal?
Early or late pregnancy, by the sharp increase in the impact of hormones, increased vaginal discharge, is a normal phenomenon. Attention to hygiene to prevent bacterial infection, to avoid bacterial growth caused by various diseases. If when the secretions into a cheese block, color was yellowish green or [...]

Advice for Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy, the prospective mother spirit of the poor at every turn tried to sleep, in fact, no need to worry too much, drink sleep are normal physiological phenomenon.
Doctor pointed out that the prospective mother’s metabolism increases during pregnancy maternal secretion system to produce changes in body heat consumption fast, blood glucose insufficient sleep are [...]

Early Sign of Pregnancy Week

If you feel any early sign of pregnancy week listed below, you should consider to see your family doctor for a detail pregnancy testing.
1. Testing for pregnancy
Ways of testing for pregnancy urine tests are usually taken. Placenta formation, the human body will produce a Endocrine called “human chorionic gonad promoting hormones,” discharged by the urine, [...]

Can pregnant women take medicine?

Take medicine for pregnant women fear the impact of their fetus. Pregnant women in outpatient common chief complaints of the cold it was unwilling to take medicine because I did not want their own and give birth to deformed children.
If any pharmaceutical or embryonic factor - fetal exposure to the shape or function will result [...]

More sun shine to stronger baby bones

Ultraviolet are the sworn enemy of many girl, but a British study said that many pregnant women during pregnancy in the sun, the baby will grow higher, stronger bones. The study lasted 18 years, 7000 pregnant women experts collected 3 months before the sun data, and 10-year-old baby when a measure of the height and [...]

Prevent and Eliminate Maternity Stretch Marks

How the prevent and eliminate pregnancy stretch marks
1, Enhance skin elasticity
During pregnancy to avoid excessive intake of sweets and fried foods should be balanced intake of nutrition, improve skin texture, helping to enhance skin elasticity.
2, Control weight gain
Weight during pregnancy will increase the monthly weight gain should not be more than two kilograms, the whole [...]