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Ways tо cope wіth thе challenges оf Pregnancy

Expecting а child іs а wonderful phase іn а parent’s life. Тhе excitement аnd thе anticipation іs аll раrt оf thіs great experience thаt couples share wіth еасh оthеr, thеіr family, аnd friends. Ноwеvеr, аlоng wіth thе excitement аnd happiness соmе сеrtаіn challenges fоr thе pregnant mother. Аsіdе frоm thе progressive weight gain, hеr body [...]

Top 10 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms: Delayed For The Next Nine Months?

There are many different pregnancy signs and symptoms that merit awareness of expecting mothers. These are physiological signals that manifest naturally to imply that motherhood is already knocking on the door.
Here are top ten pregnancy signs and symptoms that are 100% reliable although validation is readily available using over-the-counter pregnancy test kits or a [...]

What to Eat When Pregnant

For many women, being pregnant is one of the most wonderful times of their lives. Carrying and then bringing a new life into the world is pretty remarkable. However, in order to give ones unborn baby the very best start in life, eating right and taking care of oneself is extremely important for soon-to-be [...]

How to Prevent Insomnia during Pregnancy

Insomnia is a common problem for pregnancy mom, here are some tips for prevent it!
1. To prevent insomnia, you should develop some good habits, proper arrangements for work and study time, pay attention to science and to use the brain, the brain volume of work as far as possible into the day to do, but [...]

Winter Skin Care Great for Pregnant Mother

Check the list of Pregnancy skin problems.
1. Ugly Stretch Marks
During pregnancy due to the continuous growth of the fetus, abdominal swelling, making the skin over the abdomen done, a lot of skin collagen fibers ultimately be “pulled off” so that the skin to form a special type of scar.
2. Dry and acne-prone
Because the skin affected [...]

Sports for maternity - Do or Not Do

Appropriate exercise can help mothers adjust to the needs of pregnancy and childbirth to give birth more easily, more easily. However, improper movement, but may cause irreparable serious consequences. What, what sports can do? Which movement is best not to do?
Pregnancy after the movement is still a very good habit. But how much exercise the [...]

Pseudocyesis is not real pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very wonderful process, but also an interesting stage of life. Pregnant women in addition to general physical discomfort, the mood was volatile. However, some pregnant women do not have symptoms of pregnancy, male pregnancy may also be symptoms appear, how exactly is all about?
A Typical Pseudocyesis Example
Amy is an over 30-year-old office [...]

Knowledge of Fetal Movement

Clinical research has shown that fetal hypoxia leading to fetal death inside his mother’s womb, newborn and child mortality, or the main reason for mental retardation. Although there are many modern instruments and equipment to monitor the fetal hypoxia, but it is difficult for pregnant women under medical supervision at all times, so some fetal [...]

Can Breastfeeding During Pregnancy?

This is a frequently asked questions of pregnancy who still need to breastfeeding. We all know that breastmilk is the healthiest baby food and you still can breastfeeding, even you are pregnant again. As long as there is no health and other problem of premature birth or nutritional intake is sufficient!
Contraception can not be fully [...]

Prenatal Education by Music Method

To the hospital examination, doctors told that prenatal education may be low for some piece of music-induced suppression.
In order to have a smart baby, and now some of the family when his wife was pregnant at the beginning of the implementation of “prenatal education”, but the experts pointed out that if the use of prenatal [...]