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Easy selection of shoes for pregnant women

Pregnant women during pregnancy increase the body weight of 15 kilograms or so in general, when we are walking on the leg and foot pressure on a number of large, the focus has changed, wearing a pair of shoes will not foot pregnant women may suffer from fatigue, thus affecting fetal ventral development. Flexibility feet [...]

Tips of Buying Maternity Clothes

Do you maintain a rational mind of the consumer? Don’t forget this is not a small amount of household expenditure…
1. Pregnant texture loading can not be ignored
General clothing to soft texture, washing, water, ventilation principle. To enhance metabolism and makes you sweat frequently, in order to keep your skin clean clothes to be cleaned from [...]

Guide for Maternity Winter Clothing

Before you going to buy a winter clothing for pregnant women, you must pay attention to

Maternity cotton material. Pregnant women to choose the best type of cotton material clothing, so it would be more comfortable to wear, especially in the winter, the temperature is low, pregnant women must pay attention to insulation, you should never [...]