Buy Which Shoes for Pregnant Women?

Shoes for PregnancyPregnant women during pregnancy increase the body weight of 15 kilograms or so in general, walking legs and feet when the pressure on the much larger, the focus has changed, wearing a pair of shoes will not foot pregnant women may suffer from fatigue, thus affecting the development of fetal ventral . Flexibility feet are on the main to complete, apart from the human body can absorb the shock when walking, but also the human body can maintain balance. And a lot of pregnant women 3 months or so, toes started swelling; pregnant 6 months or so, feet edema more evident; at birth on the eve of the swollen feet and legs has been outstanding. In its day foot circumference changes (swelling) of the volume at between 10-25mm, far exceeding the tolerable range of human feet. And changes in pregnant women foot circumference only (fat) changes, foot-long change is with the weight (ie, sitting, standing and walking posture) the existence of change, sitting and standing The average change is about 4-7mm, standing and walking posture of the average change is about 3-6mm. While the normal average day in the shoes of time (8 h hours) conditions, foot circumference or slightly FATNESS tolerable range of the best 3-5mm.

Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy, especially towards the end of three months of pregnancy, pregnant women needs special shoes, it is very important. At present, pregnant women shoes mainly for flat-bottomed leather shoes:

One for the slippers, and its health risks for non-slip soles and bad features, it is easy to lead to twisting legs, falls of such a phenomenon that seriously endangers the health of pregnant women, and even lead to premature delivery, miscarriage, such as the occurrence of the phenomenon. Pregnant women during pregnancy because the body weight of the general increase of 15 kg, walking legs and feet when the pressure on the much larger, the focus has changed. There is another point of sweat gland secretion of pregnant women is strong, feet sweat of many, easy to form Khan feet, wear rubber or plastic sandals when there is likely to lead to dermatitis, allergic physique of pregnant women is particularly apparent when the incidence of dermatitis just only the instep redness, itching and some may feel, many people mistakenly think is “tinea pedis” or ” eczema. ” If wearing slippers and a long period, in the end of the site will change, pregnant women do not like walking in shoes on the ground easily lead to fatigue, injury and then pregnancy infant development.

Second, for the sport casual shoes, casual shoes ordinary design suitable for pregnant women should not foot the changes, thus wearing feel extremely uncomfortable. Materials made of the bad sports shoes airtight also put the foot swelling. Therefore, in order to try to avoid wearing leather or synthetic leather with nylon make shoes. The long-term wear flat heeled shoes for pregnant women, typically the heel first landing after the landing, clothing should not maintain the arch absorb shocks, but also easily cause muscle and ligament fatigue and injury, pregnancy is not conducive to the growth of infants. But also occurs at post-natal post-natal sequelae.

Three for the leather shoes, but its poor ventilation, after walking foot Khan distributed gas has not been able to disappear, especially those who sweat more feet, which give anaerobic bacteria, mold, such as caused by a good environment for growth and reproduction , so easy to get to wear boots beriberi not surprising. And pregnant women because of??up and become sensitive to the increase of leather, leather makes it easy for pregnant women feel that leg hard Terrier Terrier, more pregnant women is not conducive to walking. Will appear postnatal sequelae.

Therefore, pregnant women shoes at the election, in addition to pay attention to comfort, warm, but also must take into account the needs of arch. Since Flexibility depends mainly on the foot arch to complete. Arch except people can absorb the shock when walking, but also can maintain physical balance. Therefore, high heels and full flat shoes are not suitable for pregnant women, and about two centimeters high, there is flexibility, with a soft material made of loose noodle to help, followed by relatively large stout shoes are the best choice for pregnant women.

The days of pregnant women shoes rtse contact more than a dozen domestic and Korea University Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology School of Medicine to study the introduction of the second generation of pregnant women shoes. Fabric of choice for fabrics, fabrics used because the current international most popular “multi-intensity three-dimensional cutting technology”, and as a fabric than leather as a fabric air permeability, Sweat-absorbent, and of better environmental protection, and help between the surface and inside there is one super-elastic breathable fiber layer will automatically??for pregnant women to adjust to adjust the situation of pregnant women in the foot type, so that pregnant women do not like wearing shoes, like the first generation of pregnant women manual adjustment, to allow pregnant women to wear more convenient to use. Inside and in the end use of fabrics can have more than PU leather material, such as the Sweat-absorbent and fit better on pregnant women every day??with strong features such as sweat gland secretion, in between the end with the end of “Back in the soft edge mitigation technology “, can effectively reduce the process of walking the floor on the soles of the feet with the soles of the shock force and impact, and will not become hard Terrier Terrier, and to prevent pregnant women every day at the mill by walking in the foot injury, effectively reduce the production of pregnant women lower back pain. Large at the end of the use of a large women’s shoes than the average at the end to the wide base and large at the end are designed specifically for pregnant women and a good degree of wear-resistant Anti-slip at the end of better building materials. So that pregnant women in their daily lives than other shoes to wear more feet from slipping without causing a result of premature birth, abortion, etc. are like the occurrence of effective protection of pregnant child. Interpolation used in comparison with the location of the soles of soft material to allow pregnant women to walk at the time can effectively slow down the floor for foot shock, and to allow pregnant women to walk more reassuring and effective for pregnant women to avoid producing lower back pain.

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