Adverse Emotions Will Transfer to Fetal

Adverse Emotions PregnancyFetal can hear voices after 6 months and mother stomach at a variety of responses, such as increased fetal movement, such as heart beat a little faster. “Fetal blood with his mother, his natural mother can understand the feelings.” “When the happy mother, the fetus in the mother will feel the pleasure, it will probably smile, eat fingers at lot in the amniotic fluid. However, if the mother to stimulate the spirit of strong, shock, depression, grief, the fetus may also be unhappy, feel fear. “There is no doubt that the mood of pregnant women will be transmitted to the baby.

Pregnant women will certainly be feeling the worst affected fetus. The study found that mothers of early pregnancy mood swings, increased secretion of adrenal hormones may cause miscarriage or premature delivery. In addition, pregnant women will be feeling the impact of low appetite, poor digestion and absorption, the body organs will be in a negative status, which is obviously the growth and development of the fetus has also adversely affected.

Health for Children, pregnant women studying emotional regulation

For pregnant women, the nurturing of this baby in 280 days may not be fun every day, but rather because of changes in hormone levels, the body does not react, take care of ill family members and so there will be a variety of adverse emotional, and sometimes sadness, loneliness, anxiety will around pregnant women, so that the process of pregnancy more difficult.

Children worry too much about the health

Have taken place since 2004 and twice in 2006 after the abortion experience, eager to baby that I address the more urgent and more nervous, we hope that as soon as possible pregnancy, it is feared that once again the problem, suffering in every possible way. In this way, two years later, by the end of 2008 was finally pregnant. However, the initial three months, she always worried about the recurrence of abortion, live in fear every day, in view of such circumstances, doctors had no choice but to let her stay Baotai.

Comments: there is a history of habitual abortion in pregnant women, pregnant again after a very emotional tension. Some pregnant women are on the one hospital on Baotai carefully, treading on thin ice. However, life stress, mental stress and habitual abortion in direct proportion to the relationship, the easier it is probably more concerned about abortion.


  1. Learn about the many pregnancy, childbirth knowledge, do not let the past they have been plagued by unfortunate experience.
  2. Relax, and Health too many women with children chat and exchange experience about fertility.
  3. Emphasis on the middle class seized, doctor timely problems.

The impact of emotional reactions during pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy, early pregnancy spiritual son reacted strongly to what spit what are relatively poor state of mind, for she always cried. Although it is not spit now, but the beginning of lower extremity edema, the nose has become red and large, a kind of completely changed. Son of Hope has been 8 months pregnant, but still can not understand the feelings of pleasure, but feel annoyed.

Comments: In early pregnancy and pregnancy 3 months late, pregnant women larger than the mood swings. Early in pregnancy, mainly physical discomfort, such as nausea, vomiting, poor sleep and other symptoms, to the late months of pregnancy, the fetus grew, more and more heavy body of pregnant women, but also have lower extremity edema, low back pain and other symptoms, but also in the third trimester of pregnancy, worry about your baby’s feelings will be more and more obvious that, in the spirit of greater stress.


  1. To recognize that children of pregnant women are a very normal stage of life, the majority of pregnant women experience early pregnancy reaction, such as feeling unwell, pregnant women need to do is try to keep calm and pleasant attitude, and accept the body’s normal during pregnancy Change.
  2. The relationship between diet and more emotional, experts suggest that pregnant women can not diet, not overeating, overweight cause.
  3. A lot of time because of physiological changes in pregnant women, dress has become very casual, in fact, beautiful pregnant women themselves, have become good mood.
  4. Home decoration decorative elegant, harmonious, clean, soft lighting, comfortable interior environment of the prospective mother will feel some comfort.

Change the body’s hormone

“I thought at the time pregnant women are the most happy, but pregnancy after the resignation of my full-time at home when the pregnant women, elderly people at home do not, spare any husband every day, I saw him he would like to say, he wanted to see him , a very lonely person at home, like shedding tears, become very pessimistic. “lili told doctors that they feel during pregnancy rather pessimistic sentiment.

Comments: After pregnancy, pregnant women more vulnerable to emotional, from the material that the substantial increase in the secretion during pregnancy and the female hormone progesterone cause mood swings are the main reason. But the mood swings are still fundamentally the reasons are psychological.


  1. At 4 months after pregnancy can pregnant women practice yoga, this exercise from the body, mind, and spirit in three areas to appease the mood of pregnant women.
  2. Writing pregnancy diary, recorded under the 280 days in the little bit of detail, the transfer of their attention.
  3. Take a walk there is time, can relax their mood.
  4. Unless the doctor to rest, pregnant women can go to work, alone at home will be one person but will make people feel lonely.

Concern for the lack of family

Baby quick 6 months, but she was depressed all day, and sometimes shedding tears. She said that between this husband did not go home for dinner every night, said the company want to work overtime, sometimes I think, true in him to work overtime, or have other reasons, good hard think.

Comment: Men do not sometimes delicate woman thought, therefore, possible during pregnancy, her husband ignored the psychological needs of pregnant women, this does not mean that he has any other thing, so during pregnancy should trust their own husband.


  1. Preparation of the supplies can be distributed baby their attention.
  2. Weekly husband told baby a few weeks now, and prepare a book on the pregnancy, if he read the book, you will make it clear the feelings and circumstances.
  3. Accompanied by her husband so many pregnant women on hospital School, listening to lectures pregnancy, the prospective father can be at home to gentle massage action of the abdominal wall in pregnant women, touching can rely on the protection of pregnant women to be satisfied with the psychological, emotional stability and relaxation will become.
  4. Pregnant women went on talking, in a bad mood, the husband or relatives must be willing to “listen” and learn to understand.

Remember! Keep Happy and Simle!

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