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Jeans for Maternity

Body type of pregnant women is different from the non-pregnant, so how to select the right of pregnant women jeans, fashion has become the subject of a mom. “A good quality version of a pregnant woman model good jeans definitely make you comfortable and fashionable to spend the entire pregnancy!”
Pre-pregnancy jeans and ultimately, of women, [...]

How to Prevent Insomnia during Pregnancy

Insomnia is a common problem for pregnancy mom, here are some tips for prevent it!
1. To prevent insomnia, you should develop some good habits, proper arrangements for work and study time, pay attention to science and to use the brain, the brain volume of work as far as possible into the day to do, but [...]

Winter Skin Care Great for Pregnant Mother

Check the list of Pregnancy skin problems.
1. Ugly Stretch Marks
During pregnancy due to the continuous growth of the fetus, abdominal swelling, making the skin over the abdomen done, a lot of skin collagen fibers ultimately be “pulled off” so that the skin to form a special type of scar.
2. Dry and acne-prone
Because the skin affected [...]