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Pregnant how to wear to work? Pants have become mainstream.

Modern women seeking independence, even if the majority of pregnant women still work hard at efforts. So in the end want to go to work during pregnancy how to wear to look good, decent, but also maintain their own fashion style, they are so vexing problem. According to NOLITA observation, women are gradually replacing pants [...]

The impact of exercise on the fetus

1. Female part of the body anatomy of the fetus during pregnancy when there is appropriate protection of the role of the pelvis, uterine wall and amniotic fluid have a very good shock absorber role, so many pregnant women can safely take part in suitable activities. At early pregnancy, amniotic fluid has the function of [...]

How to count fetal movement?

Amniotic fluid inside the fetal activity, early pregnancy at around 8 weeks after the performance to outside stimuli the reflex action, around 10-12 weeks when the ultrasound can see that the autonomy of the movement situation, including: hands, feet, head, torso ease activity, etc., as if underwater swimming in the water in general, which are [...]

9 months of gestation in 20 seconds: Pregnancy video

9 months of gestation in 20 seconds: Pregnancy video on YouTube

When for the first prenatal check-ups?

Diagnosis of pregnancy after 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women to the hospital the first prenatal check-up.
First of all prenatal care for pregnant women want to conduct a comprehensive medical examination, inquired in detail about the history of pregnant women and spouses of disease, personal history and family history.
The first time the content of prenatal [...]

Week by Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an cheerful time and you can learn about your child’s growth and development. The following are the data about pregnancy week by week.
Week 10: 5g / 3.1-4.2cm
Week 11: 8g / 4.4-6cm
Week 12 :8-14g / 6.1cm
Week 13:13-20g / 6.5-7.8cm
Week 14: 25g / 8-9.3cm
Week 15: 50g / 9.3-10.3cm
Week 16: 80g / 10.8-11.6cm
Week 17: 100g / [...]

Music Prenatal Education

Why should there be a prenatal education do?
Fetal physiology, psychology, growth, apart from relying on the umbilical cord connected with the mother for nutrition lose oxygen, the fetus has its own sensitive Perception and mental, can feel the uterus outside the context. In addition a strong communication channels, by pregnant women are changes in mood, [...]

Know Everything About Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid volume
Amniotic fluid volume, in the course of pregnancy, a gradual increase, at 34 weeks reached a peak at an average of about 980 cc, and then gradually less. Full-term amniotic fluid volume at the time, about 830 cc, to 42 weeks when only a 550 cc. In order to maintain the volume of [...]

Baby Teeth Growth Sequence

Did you know the growth sequence of baby teeth?
Here is for your reference!
1. First on a long row under the row and four milk incisor.
2. And then the upper and lower first molars behind.
3. Again is canine milk.
4. Finally grown up, the next behind the second molars, a total of 20 deciduous teeth.

Buy Which Shoes for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women during pregnancy increase the body weight of 15 kilograms or so in general, walking legs and feet when the pressure on the much larger, the focus has changed, wearing a pair of shoes will not foot pregnant women may suffer from fatigue, thus affecting the development of fetal ventral . Flexibility feet are [...]