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Tips of Buying Maternity Clothes

Do you maintain a rational mind of the consumer? Don’t forget this is not a small amount of household expenditure…
1. Pregnant texture loading can not be ignored
General clothing to soft texture, washing, water, ventilation principle. To enhance metabolism and makes you sweat frequently, in order to keep your skin clean clothes to be cleaned from [...]

Guide for Maternity Winter Clothing

Before you going to buy a winter clothing for pregnant women, you must pay attention to

Maternity cotton material. Pregnant women to choose the best type of cotton material clothing, so it would be more comfortable to wear, especially in the winter, the temperature is low, pregnant women must pay attention to insulation, you should never [...]

Amniotic fluid volume

Dangerous signal 8 - Amniotic fluid volume
Amniotic fluid is to defend the fetus to survive one of the elements, too much or too little amniotic fluid may be warning signs of fetal disease. Once upon examination revealed abnormal amniotic fluid volume, pregnant women need to be vigilant.
The usefulness of amniotic fluid, in addition to [...]

Nameless itching

Dangerous signal 7 - Nameless itching
Throughout the pregnancy, pregnant women may be many symptoms, itching is one of them. Itching pregnancy often started from the abdomen, across the whole body, especially in the lower abdomen, palms, especially foot-plam. Pregnant women there was no skin rash, skin lesions, only scratch. In severe cases, can be [...]

The estimated date of delivery is not more than two weeks

Dangerous signal 6 - The estimated date of delivery is not more than two weeks
If the usual rules of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy at or over 42 weeks (that is, pre-production period of more than two weeks), medically known as prolonged pregnancy, the incidence rate is about 8-10%.
Pregnancy expired, there are two changes in [...]

Dangerous Signal: Early labor

Dangerous signal 5 - Early labor
Middle and late pregnancy, if there is abdominal pain, broken water, or vaginal see red, a strong contraction of the uterus and cause fall flu, stomach significantly hardened, these are the signs of premature birth. If the pregnant women during pregnancy and thoughtful discontent over 28 inter-birth 37 weeks pregnant, [...]

Uterine growth slow

Danger signals 4- Uterine growth slow
Palace at the end of gestational age less than the high, which is intrauterine growth retardation signal.
Intrauterine growth retardation many reasons unknown, is generally believed that genetic factors, and vascular factors in the placenta, the mother of nutrition and maternal complications of pregnancy or pregnancy-related complications. The body weight of [...]

Reduced fetal movement

Dangerous signal 3 - Reduced fetal movement
Fetal life movement is a sign of one of the most objective, is the fetus to the mother signals. Therefore, pregnant women often have the situation of fetal movement, you can understand the safety of the fetus, the timely detection of problems.
Under normal circumstances, 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, the [...]

Unexplained abdominal pain

Dangerous signal 2 - Unexplained abdominal pain
In the course of pregnancy, pregnant women in some stage will feel a slight abdominal, most of this situation as normal. But if it is sudden abdominal pain, and spasmodic, which needs attention. In early pregnancy, severe abdominal pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy may be an early [...]

8 Dangerous Signal of Maternity - No. 1

The “healthy baby” is the heart of each prospective mother’s desire. However, mothers nurture your baby’s process, not only full of hope and happiness, but also many dangers lurking. “How can we ensure that the baby goes healthy and safety?” This requires that mothers and fathers work together to be aware of the risk of [...]